Why teenagers are embarrassed by their parents

As teenagers grow up and head towards adulthood they will want to become more and more independent .

They will often feel embarrassed by the way their parents dress and act .Teens feel that parents interfere too often in their lives.Teenagers brains are still developing and this combined with hormones and social awareness can contribute to heightened feelings of embarrassment.

Seeking Independence

It is normal that teenagers want to create their own identity ,one separate from their parents .This is often where parents and teens can clash.They want their friends to see them as being independent of their parents. I.e being dropped off a block from school or popping in at school to visit them .

Difference in Clothing Styles

Teenagers are influenced more by their friends than by their parents.Many teenagers feel embarrassed by the clothes that their parents wear .In particular teens are not comfortable if their parents try and dress themselves as a teenager would . Teens don’t want to be embarrassed in front of their peers and seek to express an identity different from their parents.In fact most teens want their parents to dress similar to other parents.

Privacy is important

This is very important to teenagers.This is why a teen rebels if parents check on their room and cleanliness. In particular teens abhor the idea that their parents may be checking their mobile phone texts or watching their social media sites.Parents should avoid posting on their teenager profiles in case they embarrass them . Online offenses top the list of the most embarrassing things parents can do .Posting baby pictures and writing comments that all their friends can see is why parents on line embarrass their teenager.

Teenage Brains are still developing

Research has shown that teenagers respond to embarrassing situations with a different part of their brain when considering potentially embarrassing situations .This will alter the older they get.

Over affectionate in public

If parents are overly affectionate in public then a teen will be embarrassed that they are being made to look  like a baby in the eyes of their friends. Teens are striving to be independent and as such it best to keep affectionate hugs etc for home .Allow your teen to become an independent adult .Don’t mother them ,allow them to take care of themselves .I.e Don’t force them to put warm clothing on when its a chilly day . let them decide that for themselves particularly in front of friends.

Dont yell or correct teens in public

If a parent yells at their child in public the teen will feel belittled and embarrassed.As a parent maintain your composure and keep complaints about their behavior to yourself until you can discuss it one on one . This is important so that a parent raises a confident independent teen .

Embarrassment for teens is not a trivial emotion.It is very real for them . Parents have to learn to accept that from the age of thirteen most things they do will embarrass their teen . Think before you speak and act and allow your teenager to grow up as an independent emotionally stable adult .