Why Home Schooling is a bad idea

More and more parents seem to be deciding that homeschooling is the answer to all their problems. This is for both the child and the parent .Whilst home schooling can be a rewarding experience it is not as easy as parents think. In fact there are many disadvantages to home schooling .

Teacher is trained 

One of the most important factors is that a teacher has had extensive training on how to teach your child over a number of years .Teachers training includes psychology,best types of teaching practices and child growth .Teachers that are employed in the school system are required to be certified and their educational knowledge will be far more extensive than most parents .

It is very important that your child learns the ability to socialize.They must be able to interact with both their peers and other children .In order to do this a child must be exposed to other situations that occur outside the home .The classroom and playground allow controlled situations for your child to develop and learn.

A child must be able to form bonds with children their own age. Whilst of course efforts can be made to ensure children to mix with other home schooled children it is often difficult to arrange .This lack of socialization may effect children in later life .

Time Commitment.

Parents who home school their children need to set aside a lot of time to plan lessons ,teach give tests ,arrange field trips etc .It is a full time commitment to make sure your child is receiving a rounded education .This is of course even more difficult for single parents .


Home schooling can be costly . In public schools education is free.Some parents do choose to use a paid home school program .In addition there is no special discounts for outings and visits to educational establishments that schools often receive .

Text books and teaching tools can work out expensive .

Often one parent chooses to stay home to be the teacher . This means a sacrifice when one parent is unemployed .

Minimum Facilities

Traditional schools provide materials and specialized teachers .Most high schools have a well equipped laboratory for physics and chemistry which is difficult t duplicate in a home environment .A traditional  school also provide facilities for sports like gyms ,fields and swimming pools .

Special needs Subjects

Schools usually have teachers on staff who are specialized in remedial subjects and dealing with children with special needs.I.e Autism or ADHD .

In addition particularly in the higher grades teachers are subject related experts.Apart from the normal basic subjects, teachers are available specialized in music ,Art ,Physical Education and Theater .It is very hard for a parent to be an expert on all of these subjects .

Ability to be Parents and Educators

Being an home teacher requires you to interact with your child almost 24/7 . It is often difficult to know where to draw the line when teaching of a subject should stop and when being a parent should begin. It requires endless patience and a lot of motivation to home school a child .

Whilst home schooling can work well in the family environment it is important that Parents remain Parents and consider the above points before making that final decision .