Things to watch out for when home schooling your kid

Home schooling is not always easy on the parent and the child .Statistics show that it is estimated that a total of just over one and half million children were home schooled during 2015 with this figure growing by an estimated 2.71 % each year.( a2z Home

Parents in particular that take on the responsibility of home schooling must be aware and plan for different circumstance that may arise . The points below are listed by parents who have home schooled their children over a few years.

Understand there will be failures

Children can be haunted throughout their whole school career by a sense of failure . They often learn this by watching their parents.Therefore if the child and the parent fail sometimes then be open about it . Expect it occasionally and teach your child that you can learn from this and be better next time .

Children pay attention to what their Parent Teachers do not what they say.

Children that are taught from home can have a unique perspective on how to tackle and deal with projects . They learn in an everyday environment that it is possible to deal with failure and succeed in the end . Make sure that this example carries through to their school work .

Encourage Self Reliance .

Be very watchful of turning into an overbearing parent . Allow your child to become more self reliant .Don’t allow your child to pass up on submitting an assignment .If they cannot do it they must be able to explain to you why not . It is often easy for a parent who home schools their child to make excuses for the child as to why they have not been able to complete the work .

Allow the child to try and find the time to complete their work within your home life schedule .

Combining the roles.

The parents of home schooled  children are also teachers and principals all rolled into one . Sometimes it is easy to forget that firstly you are a parent. Make time to laugh and play together ,go shopping or watch a movie . Do this without asking about the homework you set them.

Important to allow your child to choose .

21st Century education is accepting of the fact that there is not a right or wrong way to learn . Allow your child to figure out what works for them.Their unique learning style may be much better than the one which you were taught and that which you are trying to pass onto your child.In a way this also allows your child to gain self confidence and control her education process more . They will benefit when they are off to college later and have to be able to learn without parents watching over them.

Worry about the final results not how they get there.

Build in mental health days.

This idea allows the child to have three mental health days a year . They can decide when they want them .On these days there should be no school and parents should stay out of the way .

It is amazing how children respond to this ..weighing up the pros and cons of when they should cash in their free day .

Homeschooling can be a challenge but with careful management and care it can be a positive lasting experience .