Reasons why students sleep in class

Students sleep in class due to lack of connectivity. The lack of connectivity is, in turn, connected to the interest towards the school or the subject. The sleeping pattern of students deprives them of getting good grades. And they also lose self-confidence as they are left marooned from the rest of the class due to their sleeping habits.

The after effects of students’ sleep in class:

There are many aftereffects of the sleeping habits of students in the class. Some of them are:

  • There is a tendency to miss important lectures.
  • They might miss a rescheduled special lecture.
  • They are left isolated and are deprived of social activities after class.
  • The instructors are less oriented towards the sleeping students. As the instructors feel their lecture is not being respected by the student.
  • They are left unaware of the test or the exam schedules.
  • They might also miss the amount of syllabus to be covered for the exam or for the test.
  • Their scores in school slowly decrease.
  • The students sleep habits might be a nuisance to the other students and to the instructors.
  • The sleep in the class will slowly turn into a habitual practice.
  • They might be left behind even after the class ends early.

The reasons why students sleep in class: There are many reasons as to why students sleep in the class.

  • On a general note, when somebody is not motivated towards a topic; then, they cannot establish a connection with the topic. This, in turn, leads to minimal or no interest in the topic. To take an example of this scenario, the students need to be motivated and kept active to generate interest towards a class. The instructor has to work on keeping a random question and answer session in between the class hours. This will ensure that the sleepy students are also kept alert in the class.
  • The instructor has to make the class interactive and pick randomly any topic which is off the subject. This will make the class lively and all students are kept active and alert.
  • The students need to get a good amount of sleep during the night and this will avoid sleeping in the class. The sleep patterns may be due to some ailments in the students like medications taken to cure allergies, or diabetes and many other different ailments. The instructor should be made aware of the medical health condition of the student beforehand.
  • The students are awake late in the night to complete the assignments and project works. Hence, it is a responsibility of the school with the instructor to rightly assign the tasks to the students. The assignments should be short and with a fair analysis done by the school. The assignments have to be completed by the students with eagerness and ease and not as a compulsion to finish within the deadline.
  • The present-day students have a lot of time for electronic gadgets. Like, smartphones, video games and so on. They tend to stay awake to have a chat with their friends, busy with playing video games.
  • With the easy access towards social media, the students get addicted to them. The right amount usage of internet and other gadgets are good, but misuse of the same results in poor night's sleep and in turn, lots of sleep in the class.

Hence, it is the responsibility of the parents at home and also the instructors at school or college to keep a watch on the students who have sleep habits.