Positive classroom behaviors list

The positivity in the classroom enhances the learning and also building long lasting relationships among students and with the instructors. The positive classroom behaviors list depends entirely on the student and his or her cooperation towards the instructor.

Key points towards positive classroom behavior:

There are the main key points which we need to teach our pupil and make sure they are established in each and every student. Like,

  • Are they safe?
  • Do they have respect to fellow members and to the staff?
  • Do they feel responsible for their behavior?

If the above mentioned key points work according to the better interests, then we need to keep a rewarding system to encourage the students to excel further in their activities.

Below are some of the positive classroom behaviors list based on the key points like safety, responsibility, and respect.

Personal safety:

  • The student should be made aware of his or her own safety. The basic rules of self-protection followed by the student will be made half-way easier for the instructor to manage.
  • Not only limited to self-protection, the instructor should ensure the student does not harm other fellow students by hitting or kicking, or purposely spilling on the fellow student, or scribbling the other student’s books, or mismanaging other student’s belongings.
  • They should be co-operative among students and have a friendly attitude.
  • They should seek permission from the class instructor before leaving the room or going out for nature’s call. If the student needs supervision, then an adult should be sent to them.
  • If the student wants to take off from the class, then they should provide a valid reason and the parent or guardian should accompany to take the student out of the class.
  • They should not mishandle the school properties and also keep the surroundings intact.

Being Respectful:

  • They should not yell at elders or other fellow students. This is the first sign of being respectful with each other.
  • Should always develop a nice gesture with the instructor. The instructor is the one who puts his or her heart and soul into teaching you and helping you build a good future.
  • While performing the morning prayers in the school, the student should be in his or her own place. They should listen and repeat the prayers and also learn to be attentive to the morning messages given by the class leader or the instructor.
  • The students sometimes have problems in sticking out their tongue and making fun of other students. They should be stopped from making such remarks.

Being Responsible:

  • Responsibility starts with cleaning their own stuff and maintaining an appealing classroom.
  • The garbage should be collected and disposed into the dustbins.
  • Students should not use smart gadgets without permission. Like, smart and trendy watches inside the classroom.
  • They should not leave the bathroom door open.
  • They should not indulge in another’s lunch box without the prior permission.
  • They should not mishandle books.
  • They should finish their home assignments in time.

They should not make loud noises inside or outside the classroom.