How To Get Your Kindergartner To Do Homework

When a teacher sets homework it is usually to help children remember and understand what they learned at school that day .When your child first starts school many parents fear their child bringing home homework.

However if you work closely with your child it will help them set up study /homework habits that will not only assist with schoolwork but in fact teach them valuable life lessons .It can help your kindergartner to learn what it is like to work independently ,responsibly and the begin time management.

How much time should be spent on homework.

The National Education Association suggests that between 10 and 20 minutes per night should be devoted to homework in the 1 st grade .An additional 10 minutes per grade should be added on per grade level after that .

Successful Homework Habits to develop.

Set an area aside .

Find a quiet area where they can settle to do their homework .It should be free of clutter and preferably it should be available everyday .The television should be off.It is also important that your child has all the materials they may need close to them to prevent the distraction of searching to find pens ,paper,crayons etc .

Get into a routine after school .

Homework for young children in the junior grades should always be done fairly soon after they get home from school and information is fresh in their minds .

It is advisable to give your child a light lunch or little snack and chat to them about their day at school . After this set aside time for homework .Any extra curricular activities should be arranged for later in the day after homework .

If your child is just starting out on their school life, it is important that as a parent ,you establish rules regarding homework from the beginning.They must learn that whilst the extra activities are beneficial, homework is more important .

In particular small children will be tired after extra activities and they should not have to rush through homework just before bedtime .

It your child's homework not the parents!

Parents should be involved with their child's homework.Especially when the child is very young it is important to be near by and monitor your child.However do not do their homework for them !As a parent be on hand to guide and help when your child becomes frustrated but let them feel pride in their work.

Be Positive about Homework .

When your child starts bringing homework home for the first time don’t forget to tell them how proud you are of them and how grownup they must be.If you as a parent discuss homework as chore, then your child will also.Encourage them to show you their work and praise them on completion .

Put in place a daily incentive

These can be useful to encourage your child to settle and complete homework . A small daily incentive like “When you complete your homework you may watch half an hour of television “ is a good example . It will give your child something to look forward to when they are finished .

A small amount of homework can be a valuable life lesson for Kindergartner children .