How to engage children and make a boring lesson exciting

It is very important that children when at school are able to study in a creative and stimulating environment .If a student is not interested in a topic and nothing is done to try and make the topic interesting then no learning will take place .

One of the major factors in providing a stimulating environment and engaging with children of all ages is the attitude of the teacher.If the children are interested in the lesson then the teacher will in  turn be stimulated .Below are some suggestions that may assist with keeping students attentive .

Surprise and Mystery

Learning can be fun . It will be more so if it is fun and surprising .A teacher who just imparts information without any extra information on the subject will not assist their students to remember and understand what they are being taught .Start the lesson with an interesting unusual detail about the subject to be discussed.Get the students attention .Highlight any weird or strange facts.

Be involved in class projects

When a a teacher sets a project to work on in class an idea is to bring some materials that you as the teacher can also work with . With smaller children in elementary school the teacher often has to walk around helping children .Make it fun for the students with praise and positive comments . With middle and high schools teachers can work on a project themselves and show that they too are invested in learning the topic .

Start with a warm up

This tactic works for all grades. If you begin the class with a fun warm up whether it is physical (particularly with lower grades ) or a mental challenge it will get the students in he correct frame of mind and focused for the lesson .

 Allow Students a Choice

At the beginning of the lesson and again at then end allow the students a choice of how they would like to present a subject .

  • Presenting the subject in a talk to other students
  • Making a newspaper article about the subject
  • Acting out a small play .

This works so that the child becomes an active student in the lesson as they are making a choice.It also supports and encourages children to present a topic that may take into account their strengths and interests.

Link to current Events or Examples.

If you can, try and link the lesson subject to a current event in the students lives. At elementary school this could be as simple as tying it into a favorite break-time game . IE. Even a Maths example can be made relevant and interesting if a teacher links children s names and the activity together. At Middle and High Schools current world events can be used as an example . Introduce bizarre facts and stories which will help the student remember this lesson and keep it fun for them.

Include any WOW factor  resources .

Make the lessons fun and interesting by using many of the Apps that you can find on the internet .

  • Show a specific part of the country on Google Earth .
  • Bring unusual pictures to school from a personal collection that help illustrate your lesson.
  • Play music that may be relevant to the topic
  • Play short video clips from U tube or Zamzar,

Remember if its not fun for the teacher its not fun for the students !