How to discipline a teenager getting bad grades

When your teen brings home a bad report card, the first reaction by parents is usually disappointment and sometimes anger . It is important that you as a parent handle this very carefully.As a parent you need to understand your teenager and find a way to help and motivate them to increase the grades.

Talk to your teen

It is vital that you set aside a quiet and patient time to talk to your child .Before disciplining them try to understand why the grades are so poor.A teenager normally will be able to tell you why they are struggling with a subject . Listen to them .Try not too preempt  answers and give your teen time to articulate an answer other than a shrug of the shoulders.

Questions that can be asked are :

Do they like their teacher ?Can they understand their teacher,Are they having problems understanding the subject matter,Do they feel unmotivated ?

Realistic goals

Set goals that both you and your teen feel will be achievable . A  D grade cannot be changed to an A grade in one term .Some children may be trying their best but still receive low grades. If need be get help for your teen .

Avoid removing things you teen enjoys

Avoid taking away things that your teen enjoys as punishment .This relates  in particular to hobbies. If you remove this from their lives it may actually demotivate your child . Rather work on seeing how limiting an activity may result in allowing your child more time to complete homework .

If you feel that your teen is spending too much time on social activities and texting with friends then try and remove these for a period of time during the day before returning them .Try work towards a compromise with your teen .

Restrict Social outings

Don’t allow your teen to go to any social events or parties until they have brought up their grades .Missing out on dances and parties can be a strong motivator for a teen to put extra work into their studies.

Structure life at home

 Your teen should understand that they must finish homework before the television is switched on or before they can socialize with friends. If these home rules are applied fairly and consistently then a teen will be motivated to complete the work .Follow through with any discipline rules at home despite any pleading and moaning .

Natural Consequences

Allow your teen to suffer consequences of their bad grades.For some teens this will work and others not.Parents ( and students) don't want their child to fail . Sometimes though it is better to back off and let the teen fail .If your child ends up being forced to attend summer school it is likely that they will work harder to avoid having to attend again next year. Your teen should understand whilst you will help them in any way you can if they continue to choose not too work they may even have to repeat a grade .

It is important then to be open and encouraging with your teen to bring their grades up . Get your teen extra help if required and be prepared to use  a variety of consistent disciplines .