Fun ways to teach math word problems

The math problems are loved by few and hated by many. The fun ways to teach math word problems is to keep it informal. Try and inculcate the math word problems as an impromptu. By practicing it in an unrehearsed manner, the children will generate interest and get motivated to solve them.

The fun ways to teach a math word problem:

  • Primarily, an analysis needs to be done before solving a math word problem based on the age of the student.
  • Do the math word problem as a visually solving problem by depicting the problem case scenario on the board or in the book.
  • How do you interpret and inculcate the skills is more important than reading out the question and making them solve. The question might be simple to understand, but to leave a lasting impression on the student; we have to generate interest and indulgence to last longer in their minds. Try and include the answer to the question and extract the answer from the students.
  • Try and inculcate sharing the work and working as a team. This allows building bond between the students and they tend to think equally by sharing their views.
  • Don’t keep the math word problems monotonous for the students. Try and make the students think of mixing the math word operations and hence, lead to the derivation of the result. This will avoid the monotonous way of learning and also of being less active in the class as they already know the result of the problem.
  • Divide the math word problem based on the math operations and derive the answers from the students. They need to answerfor what operation has to be used to derive the result. This makes them think differently and again keeps them active in the class. And also give them a good time to think and act, do not jump to answer before the students. But, in turn, let the students do the work.
  • In order to make your students answer the math word problems keep the calculations simple. Do not start with complex math operations and with big numbers. Students are still learners and we need to allocate the time and problems as and how they grow learning with them.
  • Do not keep math word problems only in the mathclass, but indulge math word problems in other classes as well. Like, in a social studies class, in a science class or in a language class. This might be interrupting for the students, but will soon start enjoying this method of learning.
  • Make the problem statement easily readable by the students. The easily read problem is almost half-way solved.
  • Make your questions more interesting and humorous to the students. And also the problem solved humorously leaves no stone unturned in the learning process.
  • The students should be made aware of the patterns of the questions. The same question interpreted in a slightly different manner leads to a different math word problem.

Finally, the last trick it to try and invoke alertness in the class with humor or with the witty remarks on students or rewarding the student who solves the math word immediately.