Food kids should eat before an examination

In today’s world we are very aware how food and drink can affect our health .In particular if your child is expecting to write a long exam then it is a bit like a mental marathon and endurance is important .Nutritionists point out that  healthy eating habits at this stressful time will help us cope.

Nutritionists tell us that a brain uses 20 % of all the glucose ,35% of all the vitamins and minerals we absorb ,40% of all water and 50 % of fat's in our bodies. Its no wonder that we need to make sure that students eat healthfully during exam time .

The ideal food for brains are ones that have high amounts of fats ,nutrients , water mixed with a little carbs. Unfortunately no one food can give us all those things .

Have a look at the foods below which are important to eat when preparing for an exam.


Nuts are packed with nutrients ,fats and tiny bits of carbs . They are considered natures little energy packages.The exception is the peanut which actually is a legume . Other nuts are much more healthier .They are perfect for snacks in between exams.


Apples have been shown to reduce anxiety .They contain high levels of Acetycholine which increases sensory perception .Studies show that students who eat an apple at lunch received at least a 7 point increase in test scores in afternoon exams .


Yogurt contains millions of good probiotics that replace bad bacteria in the gut.When the good bacteria in your gut are working well you feel good and have energy .Whilst yogurt alone won’t give you the  brain the boost it needs, it is the perfect medium for mixing with other super foods.


Blueberries are perfect for brain energy .There are a large amount of antioxidants in blueberries.These help to improve memories, decision making and numerical ability.


Yes it can be good to eat Chocolate ! In particular Dark Chocolate . The flaonols in dark chocolate increase the blood flow to the brain and can help improve memory .It also contains caffeine which is a stimulant. It is better to eat a small amount of dark chocolate than drink a bucket of coffee.!


Light meals can be supplemented with Salmon or lean chicken . Salmon in particular contains omega 3 which is of great benefit in a healthy diet.

Tips for meals on exam day .

  • Even if your child normally skips breakfast try to make sure that they do eat something on exam day .A brain needs the energy from food so that it can function correctly .Healthy food choices on exam day include eggs ,nuts ,yogurt ,fruit and cottage cheese.
  • Make sure that your child drinks enough water before and during the exam.Dehydration can make a student lose concentration.
  • Your child should eat light meals.Food should be enough to satisfy but not make them feel overfull which can then lead to drowsiness.A good idea is a light lunch such as salad with chicken or salmon .
  • Provide your child with energy snacks . Fresh fruit like an apple and some nuts would be ideal .Other options include trail mix or sugar free granola bars.

Finally make sure that your child gets enough sleep .To be able to be their best on exam day they will need the energy that is gained from a healthy diet but also adequate sleep .