Finding percentages Football games

Finding percentages

Math football or soccer game on finding percentages – Fun game for one or two players. To begin each game, two players can register their names before the kick off. Chose the player’s head you like best e.g. George Bush, Beckham etc. Click start and take turns shooting penalties. There are multiple choice questions to answer; each correct answer gives you a chance to shoot at goal. In the end, the player with the highest score and number of goals wins the game. Have fun !

Finding the percentages of numbers is an easy yet very useful topic in math. It is applied to logic exercises, word problems, consumer math and more. It starts off with being able to find out the percentage of a given value. In this game there are about 15 MCQ's which kids have to solve and select the correct answers. The beauty of this exercise is that it is a football game which many children will easily relate to. This activity will also serve as a cool math game but also a multiple choice math quiz which can be used both in class and at home. If you face a lot of difficulties while playing this game, go back and download a relevant PDF worksheet and get more practice. Remember this game can be played by an individual, two people or a group of players. Have fun and get instant feedback for free.