Finding denominators of equivalent fractions Football games

Finding denominators of equivalent fractions

How do I find equivalent fractions ? Math football or soccer game on equivalent fractions – Fun game for one or two players. To begin each game, two players can register their names before the kick off. Chose the player’s head you like best e.g. George Bush, Beckham etc. Click start and take turns shooting penalties. There are multiple choice questions to answer; each correct answer gives you a chance to shoot at goal. In the end, the player with the highest score and number of goals wins the game. Have fun !

Equivalent fractions have the same value if reduced to their lowest terms. However in this exercise there are missing values for the denominators of fractions pairs as per problem. Players have to find the missing part that makes the fraction equivalent. The principles abiding also stick to the fact that there should prior understanding of the notion of common factors. This exercise also blends the fun of a soccer / football game which can be played for free online as a math test or a, MCq trivia. Students can use this to prepare ahead of their exams or homework. Teachers can use this game to energize their class while parents can keep kids excited, busy and yet learning and developing new math skills.