Creative Development Activities For Pre-Schoolers

More parents than ever are realizing that education starts before their child starts school and can be reinforced by certain activities you can do at home. Most of the activities don’t need any more tools than you already have lying around your home and you could help to develop their creative flair through play as you watch them develop their own style ready for big school . Before school you are your child’s main teacher, nurse, provider and everything in-between so they feel comfortable with you and want to spend time with you. Teaching your children creative development activities and guiding them is a great way to bond and prepare them for school through creative play. Here are some ideas for you to try with your pre-schooler.

Developing skill and understanding

So far in life your child would have learned to take the lead on most things like when they’re hungry or thirsty to ask you to get things as they need them. There are however other things that you will have had to take control of such as when they need to go to bed, shower etc and getting them prepared for school is no different. There will be some things they can take control of and others that have structure.

It’s always nice to follow the lead of your child by letting them be more involved and even guiding what you do but you should also incorporate the idea that one way does not always mean the only way. Examples include drawing a person where you can draw in different ways but still achieve the same result. Be sure to let your child know that they don’t have to conform or copy others, just to be themselves with their creative flair.

To stimulate their imagination and confidence to do things differently ensure they have lots of books, songs on CD’s or iPad, playdough, blocks and other similar toys and props that can be used in different ways. Having a lot of materials can help develop their touch too. Most importantly teach your child to complete what they are doing by encouraging them. When they are done be sure to offer praise no matter what they come up with. It’s about creativity so there are no right or wrong answers.

Use what you have

You don’t have to have a lot of money to buy new things for them to play with. A pan and wooden spoon serve as a great drum and you can make your own salt dough for sensory and artistic play. An empty box could be a shop, a car, a house or anything that you’re child wishes. Teach them to be resourceful by using household items and get them to personalise their creation by painting or drawing on it.

Dressing up

Although we want to encourage our children to be their own person it’s also good to provide them with props for role play. They can be a police man, a teacher, a nurse or anything their imagination thinks up. You don’t have to purchase pre made outfits unless you want to. You can make your own and provide your child with clothes from charity stores costing just a little.