Converting decimals to fractions Football games

Convert decimals to fractions

Math football or soccer game on how to convert decimals to fractions – Fun game for one or two players. To begin each game, two players can register their names before the kick off. Chose the player’s head you like best e.g. George Bush, Beckham etc. Click start and take turns shooting penalties. There are multiple choice questions to answer; each correct answer gives you a chance to shoot at goal. In the end, the player with the highest score and number of goals wins the game. Have fun !

To convert decimals to fractions, it is important to find the number of places after the decimal point  and place it over a multiple of ten that has the same number of decimal places with the zeros. Doing this helps to eliminate the decimal point and what is left is a fraction value. It is also important to see if the fraction can be reduced to its lowest terms. This soccer game (also referred to as penalty shootout) can be considered as a multiple choice math exercise. Players can review their skills on fractions an unlimited number of times since it is free and always online. This game will serve well as a supplementary homework activity which parents and teachers can rely on. Another advantage of this game is that soccer is a popular sport among kids, hence solving math in the spirit of soccer adds to the excitement of it all. Our educational games have been proven to work well as classroom and individual games. Have fun and learn.