Convert decimals to fractions pirate game

Fractions to decimals

Pirate math game on how to convert fractions to decimals – This is an exciting game with multiple choice math problems. It can be played by one or two students. When a question pops up, choice the correct answer and keep doing the same. If you answer incorrectly, your ship is shot by the pirate. The player with the most damaged ship ends up sinking and being eaten up by the sharks. Math is fun!

Math game on converting fractions to decimals

This is a math game on converting fractions to decimals for children in 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th grades to review. This is an interactive online math trivia quiz which children need to add the excitement in a classroom or at home. By playing this game, kids will develop an aaa math spirit i.e. simply striving for the best. Math games are also interactive online math quizzes or math tests which can serve as preparation materials. This is a relevant topic in algebra for children in the above grades.