Best Educational Toys for Six Year Old’s

If the Christmas season is closing in or if your favorite five year old is about to turn six then you will be looking for a great gift . A great gift should be one that is a lot of fun for the 6 year old and ideally has some educational value which will please the adult .

There are so many toys on the market today . Sometimes it can be confusing when you are faced with rows and rows of toys for children in your local toy store .Very popular at the moment are the so called STEM toys . ( Science,Technology,Engineering and Math ) . These toys help kids to develop the skills in these core disciplines.

To help you make that purchase have a look at the list of some of the best ones below .

Coding  Toys

Coding is the new in word with child education . Lets face it there is very little we use in our daily activities that have not been put together with coding . Schools are beginning to get in on the act and introducing coding as a subject even at elementary school .

There are many simple toys on the market that help young minds think in a way that will assist with coding as they grow older.

  • Fisher Price Code a Pillar

This toy encourages young programmers to learn to connect nine easy segments in differing combinations .Each combination will determine which way the caterpillar heads off in .The colors used a bright and the there are flashing lights eyes and sounds that make it all fun .

  • Code and Go Robot Mouse by Learning Resources

This is a cute looking mouse that can be used to teach kids basic coding methods.

Kids code the mouse to be able to get to the cheese using different direction commands that are programmed into the mouse .

Easy for adults but will keep your Six Year old interested for a long time .

Janod Magnetic Map

 This colorful wooden map has 90 magnetic and educational pieces that can be slotted together like a huge jigsaw.Each piece shows an animal or brightly colored cities and famous landmarks that help children learn about the world. Fun and educational .

Marbleworks Marble Run Deluxe Set

This is an educational game that will provide hours of amazement and fun . This game lets your six year old connect colorful tubes ,chutes and bases to construct a marble run .It is super sized and brightly colored .This game  allows for creativity and promotes spatial thinking schools.Predict which marble will finish first and further develop hand eye co ordination . A FUN game !

My first Telescope- Learning Resources

This is a great choice for a child who is interested in the stars and heavens.It is sturdy and durable and is built for small hands. A great educational toy that is sure to help foster an interest in astronomy as they grow up .

Math Whiz Electronic Hand held Held Game

A fast paced hand held maths gadget game with 8 skill levels and suitable for many ages. Give instant feedback with fun sounds .

Educational games these days are fun and entertaining!