Advantages of Private Schools over Public Schools

According to the National Center for Education Studies approx 10 % of students attend private Schools in the United States. The figures have been decreasing and are not expected to reverse .The US Department of Education projects that in 2021 Nine percent of the preK-12 students .The reason for the decline is mostly the growth of Public Chartered Schools which allow a greater amount of autonomy than public schools along with a recession .However in many areas Private Schools are still considered a “better” option than Public Schools .

So what are the benefits of choosing a Private School over a Public School / have a look at the list below ;

Smaller classes
Private school are on average about half as large as public schools .Many parents prefer to send their children to private schools as they will in a smaller class and receive individual attention .A private school often nurtures a sense of community and pride in the school .The teacher student ratio in private schools is much smaller . Averagely a private school will have a student teacher ratio of 9:1 as opposed to a public school with 17:1.

Less Rules and Regulations
Private schools do not have to work with all the state regulations on schooling .There is less time needed to be spent on filling out mandated forms and instructions .Teachers tend to have more flexibility in the classroom and additional creative control . This normally impacts positively on the students.

Extensive Curriculum
As previously mentioned private school do not have to conform with all government regulations . This leads to a private school being able to vary the curriculum and introduce a wide range of subjects .There is often ample resources to provide extracurricular activities as well . Many private schools have advanced sports programs which result in a well rounded school education .

Parents very Involved
Private school parents seem to be very committed to their child's school .In part this will be because they are, after all ,having to reach into their pockets to pay for this education but also they do seem to be affected by the community  of their school .

Religion and single sex education
Many private schools are run by the church and support a particular religion . A parent often chooses for their child to attend this school as their family values and needs can be met exclusively .
Of course some private schools only offer same sex education .Parents who advocate this will send their children to these schools.

Safe Environment
Many private schools have reputations for maintaining very high standards of discipline and respect.The strong sense of community found in private schools tends to discourage dangerous behavior. Private schools are allowed to expel dangerous and disruptive students.

Choosing to send your child to a private school has many advantages with your child receiving an excellent rounded education .