Fractions Activities for Children - Kindergarten to 7th grade

Math activities on fractions for children in kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade and 7th grade. Each activity below has a link to a page which has a fraction worksheet, game, quiz or test, card and board game. These pages are carefully aligned to common core standards of teaching fractions.

Fractions Activities for Children – Kindergarten to 7th Grade

fraction activities for kids

Fractions are used to divide an object into a number of equal parts and each part represents a fraction .For example if we buy a cake, and divide it equally between 4 people, each person will have 1/ 4 or one quarter of the pizza.

There are many ways to teach fractions but the fraction activities is one of the most interesting and effective way of learning the fractions. It is necessary for the students to understand fractions, because it will help a lot in learning any concept of mathematics. Fractions activities play an important role to build the best quantitative skills of the children. Some of the most important activities of fractions are briefly explained here, these activities are specifically useful for the children of Kindergarten to 7th grade.

  • A Model Project: This activity can be used to give the basic concept of equivalent forms of decimals and fractions to students. The students can construct different models to represent a decimal or a fraction.
  • A Reintroduction to Fractions: This activity will help with a reintroduction to the concept of fractions.
  • Adding and Subtracting Fractions: Students can learn the concepts of addition and subtraction of fractions by incorporating the use of their hands on diagrams and manipulative.
  • Adding and Subtracting of like Fractions: This concept can be best understood if the students can imagine that they have to share pizza with their 3 friends.
  • Addition and Subtraction of unlike Fractions: A Student can add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators by finding the greatest common factor and then applying this to create fractions with like denominators.
  • Fractional Parts: This activity will help the students to understand the fractions by relating them with familiar objects.
  • Equivalent Fractions: This activity can help the students to identify the fractions of equal value or the same amount.
  • Identifying Equivalent Fractions: In this activity students will order and compare the mixed numbers from greatest to least and least to greatest.
  • Introduction-Multiplying Fractions: The students will have to multiply the fractions with whole numbers and with other fractions.
  • Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions: In this activity Students will be asked to differentiate between an improper fraction and a mixed number from different pictures.
  • Proper and Improper Fractions: This concept is really easy to understand if the student can compute the rational numbers.
  • Simplifying the Fractions: This activity should be done to find out if a common multiple exists between the numerator and the denominator. It will help the students in learning the concept of simplifying the fractions.

Each activity will help the children to learn the fractions in a fun way! Also check out our science website for kids here >>>