16 Quiz Questions That Can Be Used To Guess Your Level of Education

Education, according to the Merriam Webster dictionary is the action or process of learning. It is equally the process of acquiring knowledge and developing the mind resulting from any form of learning process. That is ; it is an act or practice of acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life.

Invariably, education thus entails different categories and levels, which could be primary, secondary, vocational or tertiary education, otherwise known as the university education, which comes either as a diploma, bachelor, masters or Ph. D degrees.

This article is thus designed to use some set of questions to determine your level of education. That is, some relatable questions are design to figure out your educational attainment. We hope it gets your educational levels right!

  1. Is it true that the heart pumps blood?

True     False

  1. H20 is often used to represent

Oxygen                        Helium             Acid     Hydrocarbon   Water

  1. The most populated country of the world is

USA     Brazil   China   Russia  Egypt

  1. The administrative head of a university is called

Chancellor       Vice Chancellor                       Director           Chief Academic Officer

  1. Animals with back bones are sometimes refers to as

Vertebrates      Reptiles            mammals         Apes

  1. The longest river in the world is

River Niger      River Amazon River Nile        River Jordan

  1. What is 999 times 100.0?

199.0     999.0     9999       99900

  1. Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin have something in common

They were all famous American artist

They were all famous poets

They were all famous scientists

They were all notorious American criminals

  1. The internal organ that is most affected by alcoholism is

Heart    Lungs   Artery  Liver

  1. Which is the smallest fraction among the following

¾         6/7       ½         6/5       3/2

  1. Jane was the cynosure of all eyes at the party. This means that

She attracted everybody’s attention

Everyone looks down on her

Everyone was surprised to see her

No one even looked at her at the party

  1. How many sides does a pentagon have

Six       Seven   Four     Five     Eight

  1. An Israel citizen can also be refer to as an

Israelian               Isreali    Israeli   Israelis  Isrean

  1. The number "14" can be written in word as

Forteen fourteen forten fourtin

  1. Jamaica is located in what continent

Asia Europe America Africa

  1. Sahara desert is located in what continent

Asia Africa Europe America Australia

  1. The first university in the world is in

Nigeria Brazil America Russia Morocco