10 back to school teacher ideas for the classroom

School would be back in session before you know it. A lot of teachers look forward to it but are always skeptical of the challenges they might face as to what to do on that day.

Various teachers use different approaches, nonetheless, below are 10 back to school teacher ideas for the classroom that are bound to work out for you,

  1. Map out a scavenger hunt

This could consist of kids looking all around the classroom locating items like pens, pencil sharpeners among others. It could also be a search to find out something about another classmate.

  1. Put Down a Class Promise

This is very simple. Teachers can gather the kids in class during the first week and together put down a mission, or a promise for the session.

  1. Make a Self-Portrait

Having kids or students put down a description of themselves is fun regardless of if it is done with pictures, words or drawn up themselves. It is a great idea to try out .

  1. Tap into styles of Learning

There are a host of methods available on the web which would serve as a good means to finding out more about your kids when they are back to school. It can act as an encouragement to students who don’t find it easy with school work.

  1. Make a Time Capsule

This is very common and equally a very fun idea. Teachers can ask the students to write out their dreams and read them aloud. They can also put down things they hope to achieve during the session. This can be placed in the time capsule till the end of the session so the students can see how much they have developed and achieved within that period.

  1. Start with a Book

This is another great idea for teachers. Start with a book that is certain to make their resumption a memorable one. It could also be a book that tackles your subject from another angle.

  1. Begin a guessing game

This is a great means of exercising the knowledge base of your students based on a specific topic. This is to enable them look forward to a subject and what it entails.

  1. Share a story

Teachers can let student share stories about how they spent their breaks and interesting events that occurred. This would help in bonding and is also quite fun.

  1. Create a wall of happiness

Teachers can find out from their student what gives them joy. They can be asked to write them down and the answers pinned on the walls. Asides from being a fun idea, it could also help in uplifting moods later on.

  1. Set a Goal

All students can be asked to set their goals for the session for fun, this is a fun back to school activity which would have a long term impact.